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Women on the Move – Core Service Offerings

The Virtual Gurus and Women on the Move provide freelancers to businesses of any size, at any stage of growth to offer support.

Virtual Gurus is a female owned and operated company based in Calgary, AB working on an international scale to provide support to our clients. Women on the Move empowers women entrepreneurs & their economic growth by providing essential “Get Started and Grow Business Services” for women entrepreneurs.

Our core competencies are varied and diverse; below is a drill down of what you can expect from our services based on general need and industry sector:

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The Win:
Ideal for small, midsize and enterprise level clients.

The Need:
To take administrative tasks off upper managements plate.

  • Email management
  • Calendar management
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Attending meetings (via Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts)
  • Taking meeting minutes
  • Distribution of meeting minutes


The Win:
Executive administrative support to provide an added level or professionalism and varied skillset.

The Need:
Support with corporate experience, familiar with being client facing and providing professional support at all times.

  • Includes all tasks of GENERAL ADMINISTRATION
  • Travel arrangements
  • Event planning
  • Personal banking
  • Client facing communication
  • Excel documents
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Copywriting

Sales and Marketing Support

  • CRM management 
  • Lead generation
  • Lead management
  • Lead follow up
  • Lead nurturing
  • Email Marketing 
  • Monitoring engagement, analytics
  • Content development/ content marketing
  • Proposal development (Powerpoint, InDesign, Word)
  • Copywriting/editing content
  • Prospecting
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Email management
  • Designing marketing materials (print, web sales support collateral)

Social Media Support

  • Managing accounts across multiple platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest)
  • Creating content
  • Deploying content through management software (Canva, Hootsuite)
  • Adjusting content based on analytics
  • Engaging with users as required
  • Improving engagement
  • Industry/competitive research and analysis as required
  • Paid social media ads
  • Monitoring analytics and metrics
  • Designing ad content

Digital Marketing Support

  • Website audit
  • Quality score improvements
  • Competitor analysis
  • Initial estimate report
  • Landing page recommendations
  • Google analytics set up
  • ROI management
  • CTR Analysis
  • Keywords bids & match type optimization
  • Ad copy optimization
  • A/B testing
  • Strategic bid management
  • Remarketing campaigns
  • Chat support
  • Monthly reporting

Web Design / Management

  • Custom designed websites
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Able to integrate e-commerce
  • Build content
  • Manage content
  • Design research
  • Adaptable to growth/expansion
  • Able to include/imbed video
  • Manage update products (eg Shopify accounts)
  • Link to all social media platforms


  • General bookkeeping using online software (including Quickbooks Online, Freshbooks, Wave, Saje)
  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Monthly invoicing
  • Personal banking
  • Monthly expense reporting / reconciliation


Leading 10,000 Women Entrepreneurs to 1 Million in Revenue



 2111 Dundas St W,
Toronto, ON M6R 1X1

9:30am – 5:00pm


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