By Alexandra Few – VIBE 105 FM

Women on the Move is a Toronto-based organization that recognizes how unrecognized women are in the business and entrepreneurial field. Over the past four years they have helped to train, coach, and advice over a thousand female founders. Women on the Move is truly making a difference for many women in this field that is often male-dominated, and associated with biased hierarchical positions of power.

Heather Gamble, CEO – Women on the Move says: “Women on the Move breaks down barriers for women led businesses. Currently less than 1% of all corporate procurement is done with women owned businesses. This stat alone says everything. Considering women are the fastest growing entrepreneurial market, it is astonishing that corporate Canada does not leverage this. Part of our mandate is to build export capacity and encourage women owned businesses to look at their business with an international lens. Most recently, McKinsey said it will take 180 years for Canada to have gender equality at work, and quite frankly we don’t have time to waste around and wait. Working women without borders is our go to market stance.”
Women on the Move also recognizes women in mining with the Artemis Project, which “accelerates business outcomes for women entrepreneurs in the Mining and Metals industry”. Heather says: “All women are important to fight for. Inequality is pervasive in mining and metals, as it is in other industries. There is abundance of evidence in terms of pay, procurement rates, leadership and board membership. We just happen to attract women in mining but MOST male dominated industries show the exact same evidence. Show us one male dominated industry where this is not the case. Artemis is a ground breaking model that will be applied across other male dominated industries, outside of mining and metals.”
In regards to the business field, Heather says: “Of course there are barriers at work. At work culture remains driven by leadership. Leadership remains largely White men who operate from their perspective. We cannot explain it and have no desire to, other than to say that women need to own their own rights and stand up for them, without fear. The trouble is that fear remains the biggest barrier to overcome. The question is, how do we rid fear?”

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There are a variety of organizations that are breaking barriers and changing how society views occupations. Do your part in changing the way you identify with certain occupations, and encourage others to break down the barriers as well.