What Our Clients Say

It has been a pleasure to become a member of Women on the Move, both from the perspective of meeting & working with so many talented professional women, but also gaining so much support in marketing & sales to help advance my business.” 

Karen Chovan

Founder, Enviro Integration

Fantastic business with useful events and lots of support. Thank you, ladies!” 

Jane Warr

Founder, Millennial Strategist

Women on the Move really helped me achieve a clear vision of where I needed to take my business in order to succeed. After being in business for 9 years and burning myself out, working with Heather and her team help reignite my passion and create a plan for success. I look forward to a future of working ON my business instead of in it! Thank you Heather!” 

Michelle Schurter

Founder, Millennial Strategist

Heather is an incredible, inspiring, and insightful person! She is beyond strategic in her thinking, with a unique flare for building relationships between business women. You know Heather believes in you and your product, and strives to help you excel in key areas. It has been a gift to work with her and her team!” 

Michelle Schurter

Founder, Millennial Strategist

I took WOM’s 10 week Artemis Programme and found tools to be useful immediately. Heather and her team at WOM are absolutely amazing. Kind and gracious, and always generous with their support. WOM has been a wonderful part of my entrepreneurial experience.” 

Sabrina Dias

Founder, Consulting SCD

“I feel blessed to have the opportunity of working with Heather Gamble of Moving to a Million Inc. fame. Heather’s on a mission to move 10,000 women to a million in annual revenue and I’m so glad I’m along for the ride. I’m learning so much, thinking way bigger than I ever have, and can’t help but be inspired by her unending energy and encouragement. I could ride.” 

Sue Sutcliffe

Chief E-Commerce Officer

As Co-founder of 1COMMUNITY1, I am very grateful for the support that I have received through The Refinery’s Next 25 Program at Community Innovation Lab and from Heather Gamble, CEO of Women on the Move. Heather’s program – Move to a Million – is helping 25 fortunate women founders utilize an intelligent and comprehensive framework that enables us to advance our businesses in a focused, critical and strategic manner.

 I could not be more satisfied with Heather’s level of commitment, guidance and generous sharing of information. Her instincts, openness and positive nature are refreshing. Heather draws out the best in everyone, creating an informative, collaborative and supportive environment. At 1COMMUNITY1, we have been diligently working on implementing her teachings to make a positive difference for our organization.

Many thanks to Community Innovation Lab and Heather Gamble for offering a transformative program for women entrepreneurs in the Durham Region!” 

Elsii Faria

Co-Founder/Director, Communications, Community and Culture

Heather was the star of the show:
She was the last one to walk into the room, the star approach.  She looked magnificent and her hair was out of sight!
The minute that the presentation was over, around 10 women went down to the lobby to talk to two of the women –
the one that had more people waiting was Heather.  Heather has a wonderful voice that projects a secure business 
woman that can change the world we live in.” 
Magda de la Torre

Matiz Communictions

“Women on the Move has been a temple where I have been able no only to explore my areas of strength and passion, but also a place where I have been able to think the unthinkable.  Heather has helped me to move outside my comfort zone to a place where magic happens. As a psychotherapist, together with WOM, I have found a niche that goes beyond my passion; helping professional women to manage their emotions when running a business. As an entrepreneur, I detected and big opportunity for my business, and Heather has helped me be focused, innovative, and creative; what does mining and psychotherapy have in common? A first sight probably nothing, but when you thinking outside the box amazing things happen.  I have been working with female entrepreneurs in the mining sector in Canada and Chile. This is just the beginning; the sky is the limit.  My job is full of passion, just the way WOM works with everyone woman.” 

Lucia Gallegos

Psychotherapy & Counselling MACP, RP (Q)

WOTM has been a valuable experience. Heather and Lucia have taught me how to create a solid business that comes from my heart, and helped me to find my purpose and heal old wounds that restrained me to achieve my dreams. They make me feel part of their community and a capable leader. My business is now becoming a reality and I´m sure that it will be successful and meaningful for many women.

Carolina Gaete


Since joining Women on the Move, Heather has helped transformed my approach to business development, inspiring new thinking on positioning and pricing. My meetings with Heather are the most powerful ones I have due to the perspective she brings to the table, coupled with her infectious, positive and empowering nature.

Jenn Gerynowicz

“Heather is a remarkable woman of expertise, knowledge and insight. This along with her infinite energy, kind spirit and wisdom has provided me direction and motivation to propel myself as an entrepreneur and business owner. She has helped me to define strategy, tools and tactics to apply to my business which allowed progression when I felt halted. Her support is multifaceted and she goes over and beyond….she truly cares about her clients and will do whatever she can to help them drive success! Thank you so much Heather.!!!!”

Julia Elefano

Founder, Luminiscent, TORONTO

“Women on the Move has helped me develop a new way of thinking about my business. One that includes a mindset of clarity and purpose to provide a service that really addresses the needs of my clients. It’s been a very supportive space to work from as a solo entrepreneur. I am surrounded by a network of like minded women running their businesses as I am. Working with Heather has been mind changing. She has a wonderful way of listening to my questions and ideas and then co-creating a working plan of action. In our sessions together I always learn something practical I can apply in the moment and I’m inspired to keep going.”

Marla Gold

Founder, Gold Wellness, TORONTO

“WOM played a capital role in the growth of my startup and helped me through the process of becoming a full-time entrepreneur. With its comprehensive expertise in branding, sales and marketing, my business grew from ideation to an established startup. Moreover, I benefit from networking opportunities and community support through this entrepreneurship journey.”

Pauline Speiss

Founder, PDA Lifestyle, TORONTO

“I have always enjoyed my experience working with the amazing women at Women on the Move, and have been continuously delighted with the high quality of service provided to me by Nicky and Heather.”

Samantha Richardson


“I’ve been co-working at Women on the Move since November 2016 (6 months). Women on the Move gave me a home to go to for work! Coming from working for mid size to large organizations and with teams, entrepreneurship was a bit of a lonely journey. WOTM helped provide me with that structure and company but more importantly, a place to work. Every single workshop I attended on Wednesdays taught me something new. Karen always takes the time to check in on how I was doing (she became more of a check than she knows!)
Last but not least, Heather has helped me accelerate my business. In our Moving to a Million advisory sessions, she told me that her main goal is to get us to launch quickly. We are close to launching an online food retail shop in 6 months which is no small feat. Her constant emphasis on sales and marketing and plain old talking to your customers has helped us to find our market before launch. With her input, we are also building partnerships and allies in the industry. Finally, Heather makes sure that everything we do, there is goal and a purpose. I am looking forward to continue working with her and seeing what we can accomplish in the next 6 months.”

Neha Charnalia


“With their determination and smiles, WOM helped me expand my business (from Quebec) to Toronto and the Ontario market. Heather pushed me beyond my self-imposed limits to get to after more prospects and more qualified clients.
My revenue tripled within 3 months of engaging with Women on the Move. And in the 1st quarter of this year, I equaled my total revenue for 2016.”

Celine Juppeau


“Working with Women on the Move has been the single most influential action I have taken to advance my financial planning business. Working with the entire team of fabulous women have been absolutely amazing, and single-handedly has brought my closing ratio to almost 100% from a non-existing status.”

Christine Andonia


“Women on the Move has been instrumental in my success. Knowing that I have a solid support system in place, made up of experienced, capable, and driven women have made me feel like I can take the BIG steps in my business I would never have taken on my own. As my coach, Heather hit the ground running in our first (of many) session, and gave me so much direction, clarity, and CONFIDENCE, that my business started to see change the very next day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Nicole Girourad



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