How to turn your Idea into an Online Store

Neha started and launched SwitchGrocery within a few months in 2017 and has grown her business substantially since inception. The course will cover aspects of how she took her company from an idea to an online store, including:

  • – how do you even start
  • – brand
  • – legal, insurance and accounting
  • – social media
  • – website
  • – launch
  • – community and customer relationships
  • – supplier management
  • – logistics
  • – Q&A

Emotional sides of Entrepreneurship: How to cope with emotional challenges when running a business by Lucia Gallegos, MA, RP (Q)

Running a business is already a stressful job that can create internal chaos, making you feel lost and stuck. Some of you might experience anger, anxiety, frustration, sadness and others feelings. We have been taught not express our emotions, and as women we cannot get angry because “good girls” are gentle. These internal ideas do not allow to express our feelings effectively.  In addition, being an entrepreneur does not only include dealing with daily professional issues, but also with other stressors such as family, romantic relationships, loses, personal crisis and internal demons.  How do you cope with all this?
I would be happy to see you at this workshop to talk more about the emotional challenges you are experiencing and how to cope with them.  You are not alone!
Lucia Gallegos is a fluent English and Spanish Registered Psychotherapist and member of Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association with experience in working with adults and groups. In her private practice she works mainly with women who are struggling with life transitions, challenging romantic relationships, low self-esteem and sense of guilt or loss.  Her passions is to walk together with women in a therapeutic journey where they can find their own internal beauty, wisdom and freedom.  As Viktor Frankl said, “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves”.