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Founder – GoldWellness

Marla Gold

Ergonomic Specialist, Meeting Planner, Acupressure Therapist, Fitness Instructor, Speaker, Movement Educator, Psychology Grad, West Coast Swing Dancer, Hiker, Nature Lover, World Traveller, Foodie, AcuBall Queen…

Marla has always been drawn to leading edge and innovative approaches to health and wellness. After working in Destination Management as a Meeting Planner for several years, she began to explore and study Holistic Health. Much of her experience as a Meeting Planner gave her an inside look into the daily lives of people working in busy corporate environments. Now Marla brings a positive change to the typical office working environment solid ergonomic principles into the lives of busy corporate people to help them creatively design their work environment to adapt the workspace to suit the individual relieve common posture related pain in their back, neck and shoulders and self-care techniques so people learn to suit the needs of the individual and not the other way around.
Gold Wellness’ latest project “The Desk Do-over” has received positive reviews. They work with people to create their ultimate working space. “We don’t believe people should have to endure the aches and pains of our modern techno age lifestyle. Its all about adapting the working environment wherever you are to suit your body and not the other way around.” Their approach to wellness is works. People learn how to set up their best working space wherever they are; whether they are in the office, working from home, in a coffee shop or travelling. Its remarkable when people experience common body aches and pains diminish or disappear all together after making some ergonomic friendly adjustments to their work environment.


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