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Janis Showers

The last 4 years have found Janis dedicating herself to building The Car Girls. Helping dealers sell & service more cars, Janis has done a tremendous job increasing warranty and customer pay labour for her clients. Her expertise and creative approach to Automotive Fixed Operations Business Development is second to none and she is a variable specialist able to drive daily showroom traffic. She has also helped create many unique events and promotions for dealerships. Janis has spent over 25 years in automotive retail, more than 15 of those years on the front lines as a successful high volume automotive sales specialist, leasing manager, sales manager and sales trainer. She is a Certified Adult Educator and has trained automotive sales and business development from Calgary to Florida. Janis is an experienced Automotive Private Sale Facilitator and has traveled to many dealers facilitating successful events. Formally trained in United States by the pioneers of automotive BDC, Janis has had the opportunity to work with many automotive brands on large and small projects. A long time advocate of getting more women involved in the ‘car biz’, you can find her articles around keeping women as employees and customers online.


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