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Founder – Harmony Bookkeeping & Management Solutions

Erin Rochon

At HarmonyBMS we specialize in working with Practice owners in the Legal and Medical Professional Industries. We wish to ensure that owners of emerging enterprises are getting the most out of their time. We believe that the staff they employ should be engaged and focused on the success of the business and that we can help business owners spend time where it counts.

Erin and her team work to identify and qualify any inefficiencies that occur within the business, and spend time with the business owners to optimize their procedures, processes and daily activities, and continuously update the business owners as needed. She works with them to develop Financial Efficiencies as well as operational efficiencies. Bookkeeping, procedure manuals, staff engagement and business growth are the focuses. 

By responding to phone calls, text messages and emails, Erin is ahead of the curve when it comes to correspondence. She and her team prioritize customer support requests and aim to respond within 90 minutes.

With over 16 years of experience in Bookkeeping, Management and Processes, Erin and her team have developed systems to assist the owners of small businesses and emerging enterprises in delegating effectively, planning for the future and discovering the best use of their time. 


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