Moving to a Million Strategic Sales Training

Putting Women Entrepreneurs on a Path to Prosperity

Leading 10,000 Women Entrepreneurs to 1 Million in Revenue

Women on the Move provides a unique revenue acceleration ecosystem called Moving to a Million. Moving to a Million builds sales capacity, sales capabilities and sales confidence so women entrepreneurs can scale and grow a million dollar business within 3 – 5 years.

Women-led businesses face barriers. Developing profitable revenue is an urgent mandate. The sooner they can establish a revenue model, the sooner they can generate a solid revenue stream to support their business.


Moving to a Million is Canada’s first Women Entrepreneur Sales Acceleration Ecosystem. It is based on three key action areas that enable women to assess, address and apply sales capabilities, essential for sales success.


A) Moving to a Million Personalized AI Sales Assessment Coach Each student receives their own personal AI Sales Assessment Coach. The Sales Assessment Coach requires three minute daily sessions for a minimum of 3 weeks. After that time, the AI Sales Coach will provide personalized weekly reports that measure progress in 21 fundamental sales skill areas. The Sales AI Coach will be used throughout the 12 week course.

B) Moving to a Million Sales Acceleration Certification Course The system guides women entrepreneurs to develop a custom sustainable and competitive revenue model. It addresses the three core stages of the revenue model: market readiness, sales readiness and sales application. This structure provides the opportunity for participants to work on their business, as they learn the essential steps to profitable revenue generation. 
 The foundational 12 week system is delivered in a blended learning setting that includes the following: a) one weekly online facilitated lecture b) one weekly tutorial for students to book a private 20 minute session and discuss current sales situations and receive advice.

C) Moving to a Million Sales Acceleration Co-Work Hub: 
 Working in a like minded setting enhances productivity and overall positive minded energy on a number of levels. When women entrepreneurs surround themselves by other women entrepreneurs, they are able to build much needed motivation and inspiration, faster than working on their own. Students enrolled in the course have access to part time co-working at Women on the Move Hub for the duration of the course

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Women on the Move is the first Women Business Accelerator in Canada serving women entrepreneurs in early stages, across all industries in B2B markets.



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