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Moving to A Million

Inspired & Empowered

Janis Showers

The Car Girls | Founder & Owner

Neha Charnalia

SwitchGrocery | Founder

Natasha Freidus

Needslist | Founder

Pam Brittain

VedaVox | Founder

Zoe Coull

ICE Dragon, Corrosion| Founder

Lorelei Ratushniak

EOD Consulting | CEO

Alicia Woods

Covergalls Inc. | Founder & Creator

Maya Eid

Nuts & Bowls | Founder

Judy Gillies

The Surge Group | President

Vera Kevic

Doulas on Bikes | Founder

Laura Mottola

Flow Partners Inc. | President, CEO

Marta Pap

Alternative Healer Toronto | Founder

Jane Warr

TJ Trainer Jane | Founder

Ashlee Tiller

Holistic Nutritionist

Laura Methot

I & D 101 | Founder

Erin Rochon

Harmony Bus. Services | Founder

Devon Funk

Stellar Writing  | Freelance

Julia Elefano

Luminiscent | Founder & Business Enthusiat

Tanika Riley

Por Amor, Building Moments | Executive Director

Teresa Isabel Dias

MenopauseED | Founder

Sahifa Imran

Business Analyst | Management Consultant

Christine Andonian

Investors Group | Financial Advisor

Elizabeth Freisen

Consulting & Intelligent Style Solutions | Founder

Michelle Isocianu

Board Again Games | Founder

Diviya Lewis

Choose Gratitude | Founder

Miranda McKie

Zeallure | Director, Operations & Marketing

Jenn Gerynowicz

ivysmit | Strategy & Creative

Mary Jo Tullo

Growth Gourmet

Nicole Girouard

GNI Consulting | Founder

Anum Rubec

SummerxSkin | Founder

Diane Reid

Elder Treks | Consulting

Belinda Clemmensen

Women’s Leadership Initiative | Founder

Monica Ospina

O Trade | Founder

Marla Gold

Gold Wellness | Founder

Sharon Fox

M*tigate Consultants | Owner

Michelle Schurter

Millennial Strategist | Founder

Elsii Faria

1Community1 Social Network & Business Solutions| Founder

Shieh-Chi Chen

2  Sisters Consulting Inc | Owner

Natalie Djedje

Natalie CD Photography| Founder

Arlette Garreton

Bouncing Back Counselling Services | Founder

Celine Juppeau

KOTMO Products | Founder

Deepti Limaye

Limaye Spanish-English Language Services | Founder

Ibtissam Mustaq

Andalusia Speech Therapy | CEO Pathologist

Samantha Richardson

Writer, Coach, Editor

Jaswinder Salh

Keep Leaf | Owner

Silvie Varone

Skilled Wood Craftwoman

Dr. Laura MacLeod

Naturopathic Doctor | RN ND

Jill Werner

LifeVantage | Distributor

Ana Juarez

CTA Environmental| President

Christine Laperriere

Leader in Motion | Founder

Sue Sutcliffe

Digital Marketing | Founder

Karen Chovan

Enviro Integration | Founder

Tinei Chinoda

Heritage Coaching & Consulting | Founder

Sabrina Dias

Sabrina Dias Consulting SCD | Founder

Laura Moon

A Bare Slate Inc. | Founder

Marilyn Cicuttini

A Breath of Fresh Air | Founder

Krista Downey

Krista Downey Graphic Design | Founder

Susan Goodrich

Smart Operating Solutions | Owner

Jennifer Sloat

MineIQ | Founder, CEO

Sheila Hash

Mediavandals| Founder

Lucia Gallegos

luciatherapy – Psychotherapist| Founder

Marcella Rogers

A Finished Home | Founder

Samantha Warren

Corporate Yogi