Self Care: Nurturing Your Body, Mind and Soul with gifts from Mother Earth

Create your own customized self care tool kit. Experience hands on exercises engaging all your senses for greater sense of peace and calm.

Learn an easy but effective meditation to do at home for grounding and balance.

Throughout my journey I have been able to provide resources and suggestions to those looking to take control of their own health and have a preventative mindset, rather than a reactive one. The heart of my holistic pursuits centres around colour light therapy and Reiki including our four-legged friends as well, crystals and meditation.  My journey encompasses many different paths, detours and sometimes creating the path myself!!  I continue to explore, experience and breathe in the beauty that surrounds me each and every day!

I invite you to take a nice deep breath, let go of all tension and stress, breathe in life giving energy and feel your body begin to calm.


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