Sales Generating Components of a Website

Components of a Website

A website isn’t the first necessity when you open your business, but once you’re established, it serves as your central base to raise awareness, grow your list, and offer products or services to generate revenue. A poorly executed website will under perform against your competitors.

In this workshop, we’ll discuss the component of a website including content, images, branding, and technology, and the psychology of the buying process so you’ll have not only a beautiful design, but a fully functional site to generate leads and sales.

Lisa Pezik is on a mission to grow brands, belief, and businesses online without calling it a side hustle. Her Freedom Life Coaching, Empowerment Planner, Online in 9 Course, Blog and Podcast, have impacted thousands of men and women across North America and the UK to develop their products and programs without ever feeling like an imposter to the 9–5.

In 2016, Lisa was seconds away from being sideswiped by a transport truck. It was the jolt that made her say “Enough is enough.”  She swapped Netflix for personal development books, low-calorie diets for whole foods, and learned how to go from passion to profit with the best mentors in High Performance, Personal Story Power, and Online Marketing. Over the course of two years, she released over 100lbs and built a six-figure online speaking, writing, and coaching business from her kitchen table. As a Registered Nurse and Fitness and Nutrition Specialist, Lisa has a unique background allowing her elegant leadership to shine through.

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