Presentations – How you look and sound to other people!

How we present ourselves has a big effect on how people see us, especially when they don’t know us well.

In this workshop, we will explore how to present ourselves in a way that fits the needs of our job. We’ll look at the different things that make up our presentation. We’ll also talk about some challenges you might have with presentations and how to work through them.

Brought to you my Bare Slate Inc.

Bare Slate Inc. founded by Laura Moon, is a consortium of consultants working together for a common goal. 

We see the need to help businesses in Canada thrive as they develop new strategies to stay ahead of the changing times. We know what it takes for a business to succeed – from every angle.  As a team, Bare Slate effects change.

Our collective years of experience and knowledge is a game changer for any professional wanting to grow. Our compassion, expertise and drive makes us break through barriers for growth.

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