Let’s talk libido

The Wellness Suite presents:

An overwhelming number of women have experienced/are currently experiencing a decline in their sex drive. What is a “normal libido”, what are the causes, and are there natural alternatives to commonly prescribed pharmaceutical solutions?

Join us Saturday, March 30 as our naturopath discusses the common (believe us, it’s common alright!) causes of decreased libido in women, and how to naturally support our sex drives and empower our inner feminine!

You will learn:

  1.  Causes of decreased libido
  2.  How naturopathic doctors investigate the root cause of a lowered sex drive
  3.  How stress impacts arousal

Our goals:

  1.  Provide you with the dietary strategies and lifestyle resources to promote a healthy libido – that is right for you!
  2.  Provide you self-care kits to kick-start your wellness goals
  3.  Empower you to feel great in your body again!

*This talk is created by women, for women! Please share the event with your mothers, aunts, sisters, and friends. Together, we can educate and empower women to reclaim their health!

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