Induced Menopause: What Causes It and How to Deal With the Challenges?

Did you know that

  • Menopause is a normal and natural event that all women will go through?
  • For some menopause occurs at an earlier age due to surgery to remove the ovaries or due to destruction of ovarian function by certain cancer treatments, like breast cancer?
  • Women who undergo induced menopause are usually younger?
  • Women who experience induced menopause usually suffer more severe symptoms?

Management of symptoms of induced menopause is difficult, especially if women who aren’t candidates for hormone therapy because of estrogen sensitive cancers. Post breast cancer treatment many women suffer with vaginal dryness and symptoms can be treated with topical therapy. Join this workshop to learn how to improve hot flashes, night sweats, difficult sleeping, brain fog, vaginal dryness and more after induced menopause.

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Presenter:  Teresa Isabel Dias, MenopausED

Teresa Isabel Dias is a pharmacist and after 20 years of working in community pharmacy realized there’s a void in the health care system when it comes to the care and support of women in midlife, especially during the menopause transition, and she became a NAMS Certified Menopause Practitioner (NCMP) and the founder of MenopausED. Teresa provides education and support to women going through the menopause transition which can start in the early 40s.

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