If Menopause is Inevitable why don’t we become Experts at Navigating it?

Did you know that

  • Menopause is the cessation of menstrual periods and the end of ovulation and fertility?
  • Hormonal changes may start and go on for many years before menopause?
  • The years leading up to menopause are called perimenopause?
  • Hormone fluctuations in perimenopause can cause many physical, emotional and cognitive changes?
  • Many women are diagnosed with depression when they are in fact experiencing perimenopause?
  • You have the power and capability to minimize the impact of perimenopause changes?

Education is power and when we are talking about knowing what is going on in our bodies it’s a must!

Most women do not associated the changes they are experiencing to the hormone fluctuations of perimenopause.

Join our workshop and learn what goes on in your body and mind during the menopause transition and how you can minimize the impact hormone fluctuations have in your quality life.

For more info email: teresa@menopaused.org

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