Getting to Results in 2019: Managing Your Strategic Priorities

Intentions are not enough… Resolutions don’t work…

Learn to align your goals with your true purpose for effortless success in 2019.

The purpose of this workshop is to get clarity about your goals for the year, set your priorities about what you’d like to achieve and create a plan towards those goals so that they happen in a way that is not only achievable but also fulfilling to you on a regular basis.

Facilitated by Svetlana, a Certified Strategic Intervention life coach & a Life Purpose Coach, you will be guided through the series of exercises to support you in creating a personalized game plan for creating empowering year – where you spend your time and your focus on the things that are most meaningful and exciting to you…

Let’s plan and create your most empowering and fulfilling year ever!

Presenter: Svetlana Stankic, Certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach and Advanced Relationship Coach, using effective coaching strategies to help women find solutions in life where they want greater results and more fulfillment (in private life, career, relationships, family and/or health) and turn their dreams and goals into genuine accomplishments. You can contact her at


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