Creating a Winning Freebie Opt In For More Clients and Sales

Instead of focusing on your ROI (Return on Investment) when starting a business, it’s more important to focus on your ROG (Return on Gratitude). More clients and sales are direct results of the gratitude and free value that you give to viewers online and the growth of your email list.

In this workshop we’ll discuss logo, branding, copy, content, structure, technology, and launching of your opt-ins online to grow your client list, position you as an expert, and grow recurrent sales.

Lisa Pezik, Business Strategist & Content Expert She is on a mission to grow brands, belief, and businesses online without calling it a side hustle. Her Freedom Life Coaching, Empowerment Planner, Online in 9 Course, Blog and Podcast, have impacted thousands of men and women across North America and the UK to develop their products and programs without ever feeling like an imposter to the 9–5.

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