Connecting Food, Hormones and Sleep

What will be discussed.

  • Is your sleep disrupted?
  • Does how much sleep you get really matter?
  • Are you holding onto weight that will not budge?
  • Are you prepared for the hormone shifts of midlife?
  • Are you accumulating fat around the middle?
  • How does what you eat and how you move affect your life?
  • How does being positive, mindful, and informed improve life through hormonal changes?
  • What do your hormones control?

Come and learn from two expert women who have firsthand experience.


Jill Werner has been a physiotherapist who has worked with stroke and brain injury patients for the past 20 years. She has kept on the cutting edge of new research with regard to brain and overall health. Three and a half years ago her world was rocked when her dad was diagnosed with cancer. She was living in Santa Monica, California at the time she was introduced to this new technology. It changed the course of her family’s health and ultimately the course of her career. She is now passionately sharing and teaching about this new and disruptive technology for health and prevention.

Teresa Isabel Dias is a pharmacist and after 20 years of working in community pharmacy realized there’s a void in the health care system when it comes to the care and support of women in midlife, especially during the menopause transition, and she became a NAMS Certified Menopause Practitioner (NCMP) and the founder of MenopausED. Teresa provides education and support to women going through the menopause transition which can start in the early 40s. For more info email:

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