Career After Kids: Week 2 of 4

Career after Kids – Developing your 5-year vision for a balanced life. (4 parts bi-weekly, 1-hour)

Children can come along, if Mom’s or Dad’s are on mat leave and don’t have childcare.

Week 2 Feb 6th – The Facilitated Vision – Start creating an image of a balanced life, create clarity around what you want.

Week 3 Feb 26th- The Purpose Check – Define the elements that are personal non-negotiables and create a statement to articulate your purpose and new success metrics.

Week 4 March 5th – The Full Plan – Using a template, document the goals and steps that will move you closer to leveraging your unique gifts and allow you to put your whole self into your work life.

Jenn Gaudette is a health and career coach based in Toronto. She offers 1-1 coaching intensives which bring many parents back in connection with what they want for their careers in this busy phase of their lives. She also runs 6-week group programs for new parents considering a career change to bring them into alignment with their new reality and support their health through the process. She is a certified health coach, HR professional, personal trainer and fitness instructor.


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