Brain Health and Simple Hacks to Improve It

Do you ever walk into a room and forget why? Or get to your car only to have to run back in the house for something you forgot? Open the fridge and forget why? Feel like you’re in a fog sometimes? Can we change this? Is this normal or is this something to worry about?

Join, Jill Werner, a 20 year expert in neuro-rehab, for a complimentary workshop to learn about brain health and chronic diseases. Things like Alzheimers and Dementia …there are some simple changes we can make to drastically change our outcomes!

Jill Werner has been a physiotherapist who has worked with stroke and brain injury patients for the past 20 years. She has kept on the cutting edge of new research with regard to brain and overall health. Three and a half years ago her world was rocked when her dad was diagnosed with cancer. She was living in Santa Monica, California at the time she was introduced to this new technology. It changed the course of her family’s health and ultimately the course of her career. She is now passionately sharing and teaching about this new and disruptive technology for health and prevention.

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