Understanding Your Taxes – Knowledge is Power- For Women Entrepreneurs

Date: March 28th

Time: 2:00pm to 3:00pm

The year is coming to a close and now is the time to get your bookkeeping in line to get ahead of your taxes. Navigating Income tax, HST, source deductions can be confusing and complicated.

Samantha Richardson, CPA ASA (Australia), will break down what you need to know about taxes to stay in the good books with the CRA. She will share the best practices to running the finances of your books to ensure a smooth and painless meeting with your accountant at tax time.

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Avoiding Burnout in Your Business

Date: April 4th

Time: 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Avoiding Burnout in Your Business
Are you tired of feeling tired? Do you feel like there’s not enough coffee in the world to get you through another work day? Join Dr. Jennah Miller, Naturopathic Doctor, and learn how to identify whether you’re at risk for burnout, along with useful strategies to boost energy, manage stress, balance hormones, and avoid burning out while still working hard. This is an educational talk geared towards high achieving women who are ready to live a life they can’t get enough of.

“Dr. Jennah Miller is a Toronto based Naturopathic Doctor who understands that women are not simply small men. She believes in a female centered healthcare model that empowers women, and allows them to feel heard and safe while working their health concerns in a sustainable way. She works with weird, wild, and badass women to create a life they can’t get enough of.”

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Healthy Habits For Painfree Techno Age Posture with Marla Gold

Date: March 21st

Time: 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Learn why your everyday habits of sit/standing at your desk, using your computer, cell phone and texting are contributing to back, neck and shoulder pain. Then follow along to learn the 5 most effective ways to relieve your aches and pains once and for all; so you feel great and can get on with your day!

Instructor:  Marla Gold BA Wellness Educator

Marla is a Wellness Educator who works with people to create intelligent posture solutions to relieve aches and pains associated with common techno age computer and cell phone use. Working with Marla, you learn to be aware of your daily habits that cause pain in your body and benefit from her expertise to guide you in a proven & effective approach to suit your individual needs. You feel immediate results: moving from achey & tired to painfree & energized!

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