How to wear all that hats and still get sh*t done!

Written by Ibtissam Mustaq, Founder of Andalusia Speech Therapy When you are starting up your business, you have to do it all! When I first started up my speech therapy clinic, Andalusia Speech Therapy, this is a list of just some of the roles I had to full: Website...

Tax Tips for Entrepreneurs – Part 1

Writen By Anastasia Gazarek, EverSavvy Financial: Do you have a side hustle? Picked up some freelance work? Fully ditched your day job for self-employment work? If so, here are some items you should consider with regards to income taxes. This blog...

To RRSP or not to RRSP

Writen By Anastasia Gazarek, EverSavvy Financial: It’s tax season - have you talked to your financial advisor about your RRSPs? A popular belief among many Canadians is that you should contribute to your RRSP as it provides significant tax savings,...

The Importance of Coworking

 A “coworking space” is a place where you can go on a daily basis, sit down at a random table (or a fixed one, in certain places), and enjoy a good internet connection, coffee, a kitchen, and the company of like-minded people. Altogether, it supplies you with an...

Annual Holiday Sneak Peek Clothing Swap Event

By Donna McPherson Dress Responsibly: Annual Holiday Sneak Peek Clothing Swap Event” On December 8, Dress Responsibly celebrated their Holiday Sneak Peek Clothing Swap Event! They collected over 5,000 women’s fashion items – clothing,...


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