New Pop Up Kundalini Class to Find Balance. Find Rhythm. Find You

Join in, as we explore the various Kriyas (series of actions), meditation, and breath work in our once a week Pop Up Kundalini Class Toronto, Ontario. Each class, we will focus on a one chakra, discussing the need to balance them all and developing a conscious mind regarding them.

The classes will be focused on helping women reach their full potential and empower them to make intuitive, and clear decisions. We will create an atmosphere of relaxation, openness, and communication to the soul with the use of the technology and science of Kundalini yoga. The group energy will encourage community, support and ability to tap into inner resources. The classes will bring purpose to daily living with finding ways to channel energies and calm the mind, body and spirit.

This will be a weekly class

Take Control of Your Cash Flow

Quickbooks made easy; and fun!

Managing business finances can be daunting, especially if you feel as though your cash flow is unpredictable. Join Women on the Move, FundThrough founder Steven Uster, and Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor Janice Figov to learn how to take control of your cash flow, and grow your business on your own terms.

With technological innovation, business owners are now able to access a suite of financial software products that can help them overcome financial hurdles, and grow their businesses at a rapid pace. Accountants are paying attention too, and many are beginning to bring in new technology to help their clients grow.

Join us on Wednesday January 24 2018 from 6-8pm to learn how you can leverage unique financial technology opportunities, and take the first step towards total control of your business finances.

 About FundThrough

FundThrough helps small businesses access working capital by advancing funds from outstanding invoices, eliminating cash flow gaps, and allowing business owners to be in-control of their finances. Owners can manage cash flow and grow their business without worrying about late or delayed payments. FundThrough connects to Canadian banks and top accounting platforms like QuickBooks for ease of use!

About Janice

Janice Figov of Accounting Solutions Trainer is a certified Adult Educator with over 20 years of experience in the software and training industry. She is passionate about training, specializing in training QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks online applications. Goodbye boring accounting & bookkeeping training! Janice makes learning numbers fun.

Nail that speaking gig!

One of the best ways to build your business is also the oldest – speaking to a room full of potential customers. They get to see what you’re like as a person, whether you have ideas they can use, and whether they’ll like working with you.

If you want to build a program of public speaking to promote your business, your cause or build your own professional profile, this workshop can help. In a lively, interactive two hours, you’ll learn:

  • How to determine your ideal audience member and understand the issues they’re facing
  • Finding speaking venues that will include the people you want to reach
  • Why you need to choose a topic not based on what you want to say, but burning problems your ideal audience member is facing
  • Winning themes and topics for speeches
  • How to find the right person in your target organization and show how your idea meets their needs
  • Why many would-be presenters fail to get the gig (hint: it has to do with how you follow up)

This will be a workshop, not just a talking-head presentation. You’ll be given the time and opportunity to cement the learning through completing a workbook during the event. Participation is encouraged, as it will help you apply the learning to your own situation. By the end, you’ll have the start of an implementation plan for your first (or next) public speaking event.

Workshop leader Carl Friesen has given several well-received presentations and workshops at Women on the Move. The content will be based on Carl’s success in arranging and giving well over 100 presentations, from New York to Orlando, and Reno to Vancouver. He is the author of five books on professional services marketing.


Effective Ways To Initiate Contact With Potential Clients

You have found some of your dream clients. NOW WHAT ???   How do you connect with them? Approaching, speaking to or connecting with a potential customer for the first time can be daunting. What if s/he is annoyed, what if they brush us off, what if they simply ignore our email. It makes us feel crushed, rejected, and our ego might take a significant (temporary) hit. Worse, if we get it wrong we might lose one of our cherished dream clients. This seminar discusses what works, how to successfully make First Contact with your customers and starting the sales cycle with them.

Bert has 40000+ hours of real world experience in sales and marketing management with a top Fortune 100 company, an Ontario based small business and as an advisor for several Toronto based small business entrepreneurs and start-ups. His portfolio has included brands with sales of over $100 million. Bert has trained, coached or mentored more than 250 sales or marketing professionals and managed over 30 different business units. He also has 3000 hours of expertise in B2C and B2B selling and has been responsible for the development of more than 120 sales/marketing plans.  Last but not least, Bert comes from a family business background.


Understanding Your Taxes – Knowledge is Power

Understanding Your Taxes

The year is coming to a close and now is the time to get your bookkeeping in line to get ahead of your taxes. Navigating Income tax, HST, source deductions can be confusing and complicated.

Samantha Richardson, CPA ASA (Australia), will break down what you need to know about taxes to stay in the good books with the CRA. She will share the best practices to running the finances of your books to ensure a smooth and painless meeting with your accountant at tax time.


Understanding 2018 Colour Predictions – Discover your Colour for 2018

Discover your personal Colours for 2018! A fun light-hearted look at the colours that will support your business and personal life in the new year. 2018 is going to be all about mastering what has been so difficult during 2017 and propel you towards success.

At the talk Moira will look at your date of birth and analyze how your personal soul year number and colour works with the energy of 2+0+1+8=11. 11 is referred to as a Master Number and it’s colour is deep magenta and clear. A gateway of opportunity is going to open up for anyone willing to transform and Moira will offer guidance on how best to navigate business projects and which will be your colours to attract more prosperity in an 11 year.

About Moira

Moira has for 25 years been teaching prosperity internationally, from helping women in South Africa’s shanty towns start up businesses with zero resources, to helping women come off the welfare system in England into enterprises of their own. She has set up international centres of colour therapy and product distribution for Colour Mirrors, a colour system that teaches spiritual self-empowerment. She is the author of the book ‘8 Colours of Prosperity’ and ‘Colour Mirrors Oracle Cards’. Moira hosts a weekly live Facebook TV show called “The Magenta Show” on the 5DTV.Network’s Prosperity Channel. She is a spiritual master teacher and passionate to empower women entrepreneurs to learn how colour principles can help you become authentic and more prosperous in business.

Upcoming Workshop: Practical Care for Prosperity

Practical Care for Prosperity

Date: Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Time: 12:30 AM – 2:00 PM
Presenter: Kristin Berry

Being an entrepreneur is a challenge. That inner strength that we call upon to help us maintain our drive, passion and resolve for what we do and overcome challenges requires nurturing. Daily self-care practices are as important as the coffee we drink (or any other essential part of your day)! We should not feel guilty for investing time to care for and nurture the spirit that drives our success.
Join this workshop to learn and share practical daily self-care practices that nurture inner strength for prosperity.

Upcoming Workshop: Rimer Law, Writing Business Contracts

Rimer Law, Writing Business Contracts

Date: Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Time: 12:30 AM – 2:00 PM
Presenter: Arlene Rimer

Are you a female Entrepreneur who’s interested in developing your business sense? Women on the Move along with Arlene Rimer of Rimer Law will be hosting a Workshop on Contracts. Discussing Contracts as an essential business tool that not only protects your business but demonstrates integrity and compliance. You’ll be introduced to the types of Contracts that exist and be able to identify the ones that are integral to the efficiency and security of your venture. Learn how to identify a solid contract, request/make amendments to an existing Contract and how to make any contract work to your best interest. An often overlooked, underused and often misused tool in the Business World, Ms. Rimer brings her legal experience and know-how to the table to help you learn how to decode, construct and use contracts to the benefit of yourself, your business and even your clients. Learn how you can use many documents as Legally Binding Agreements, the types of contracts that exist, which you may need and how to make them work best for you and your business needs. Join this workshop to learn and share practical daily self-care practices that nurture inner strength for prosperity.
Arlene Rimer is a senior lawyer, knowledgeable in all aspects of business law, including intellectual property, computer and internet law. She is dedicated to client satisfaction and personal attention to every matter. She is a trained Mediator. She will meet her clients on weekends and evenings, if necessary, at their location, if necessary. Call for a free initial consultation. You need someone you can trust on your side.

Upcoming Workshop: Emotional sides of Entrepreneurship: How to cope with emotional challenges when running a business.

Emotional sides of Entrepreneurship: How to cope with emotional challenges when running a business.

Date: Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Time: 12:30 AM – 2:00 PM
Presenter: Lucia Gallegos, MA, RP (Q)

Running a business is already a stressful job that can create internal chaos, making you feel lost and stuck. Some of you might experience anger, anxiety, frustration, sadness and others feelings. We have been taught not express our emotions, and as women we cannot get angry because “good girls” are gentle. These internal ideas do not allow to express our feelings effectively.  In addition, being an entrepreneur does not only include dealing with daily professional issues, but also with other stressors such as family, romantic relationships, loses, personal crisis and internal demons.  How do you cope with all this?
I would be happy to see you at this workshop to talk more about the emotional challenges you are experiencing and how to cope with them.  You are not alone!
Lucia Gallegos is a fluent English and Spanish Registered Psychotherapist and member of Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association with experience in working with adults and groups. In her private practice she works mainly with women who are struggling with life transitions, challenging romantic relationships, low self-esteem and sense of guilt or loss.  Her passions is to walk together with women in a therapeutic journey where they can find their own internal beauty, wisdom and freedom.  As Viktor Frankl said, “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves”.

Upcoming Workshop: Break Through Your Revenue Plateaus

Break Through Your Revenue Plateaus

Date: Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Time: 12:30 AM – 2:00 PM
Presenter: Nazish Z. Oriezi

Stagnant business growth is a sign that you have maximized your current sales process. Whether you’re reinventing the wheel, refining your current strategy or starting from scratch, you need the tools to help you accelerate your business to a new level of profitability. Part of those tools are understanding your innate selling style, how your selling style helps you to accelerate your business and how to overcome challenges as well. Once you are equipped with this knowledge you will be able to break out of old patterns that don’t work for you (or for your potential clients) and close new business in a way that feels comfortable to YOU!
Speaker Bio: Nazish is known by her clients as the “Queen of Ingagement”. Her reputation in sales has been built around her ability to improve relationships and loyalty between businesses and their clientele. Nazish has worked for large corporations to help them develop streamlined messaging, and processes with the specific goal of increased sales and revenues. In this corporate environment, she discovered 5 core competencies that cut waste, inefficiency and confusion. “I realized that these 5 priorities are Universal in business. Whether I am working with a high-end hotel chain, a construction company, or a small town retail store, when these areas are optimized, a vibrant sales funnel flows” Nazish has made the transition to bring these developed systems to the small business world. “It’s my personal passion to adapt these corporate tested strategies for local companies, where they can make an impact on real people and businesses”.