Fabulous Funding Friday’s – How to Seek & Secure Funding!

Next Session May 25th – 11:30am to 12:30pm

Learn, live and love being an entrepreneur as much as you love getting a new sale!! It makes you happy, joyful, validated and excited – go for it because you can do it!


1. Current State of Women SMEs in Canada
2. Why Women make excellent entrepreneurs
3. Pressing funding problems for Women SMEs
4. Funding Paths and Pitfalls
5. How to overcome funding problems
6. How to seek and secure funding

This will be a bi-weekly event although participants can attend once.

Next Date Friday May 25th Registration link below:

Sales Webinar – The Sales Conference for Women Entrepreneurs who Don’t like Sales but Need Sales to Succeed

Date: May 24th  Time:  9:30am – 12:00pm


Are you a Woman Entrepreneur who doesn’t like Sales?

Well you and thousands of others feel the same way. Recently, Women on the Move complied research and discovered 85% of Women Entrepreneurs do not like selling and yet when they receive sales, they are very happy, fulfilled and inspired. What is stopping women from enjoying the selling process, causing them less success and more stress in their business? Women on the Move addresses this pressing problem and presents solutions.

The Sales Conference for Women Entrepreneurs who Don’t like Sales but Need Sales to Succeed

This is a life saving, revenue raising conference for all Women Entrepreneurs who don’t like sales.Pushy, aggressive, manipulative are common impressions we have when we think of sales. Unfortunately these common impressions can reside deep within us and never leave. Yet, as women flock to entrepreneurship, they get stuck on this single most important thing that can make or break a business – and their bank account.

Join us and learn from one of Canada’s Top 1% Sales Achievers

Conference Leader:  Heather Gamble, Founder and CEO of Women on the Move
Creator of Moving to a Million Program

Conference Outcome:  You will be shouting …

“Now I know why I am stuck and what to do about it!”
“I never thought about sales this way – I see sales in a whole new light!”
“I am excited and inspired to get out to sell and grow my business!”

Referring to a recent article in the Finanical Post – ‘Sales is what keeps the lights on!’ The demand for Sales people is high.

Attendees will be provided with a Webinar login prior to conference.


How to Find your Niche Market

Date: April 17th  Time: 1:00pm – 2:30pm


A niche market is the best time management tool for every entrepreneur. It enables efficient revenue creation. As a start up entrepreneur, there is only so much time and effort you have to spread across multiple streams of activity. By focusing in a specific niche area, your time will funnel into added value ideas and services that are relevant and critical to a unique set of clients. This allows you to attract clients that are most likely to develop loyal long lasting relationships and serve as strong references for years to come.