Date: June 28th  Time:  1:00pm-2:30pm

Workshop Title:  RandomCoffees

Purpose of the Workshop:  I would like to show that a woman who hasn’t a background in tech is capable to launch a product that requires technical/programming knowledge & UX design.

Facilitator Bio: My name is Sabrina, I’m from Paris, living now  in Toronto. I worked for the past few years in the fashion area. Then, I had this change in my life where I was just not very happy with my current job. I decided to apply as a sales manager at Joist a start-up based in downtown Toronto. I was working a cross-functional with the marketing team/product manager and we had a town hall each Friday every week. I loved it as I learned a lot. Then I decided to think on a project and I launched RC with my business partner Edward Robinson.


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