Date:  June 19th   Time: 1:00pm – 2:30pm

Conversation is different with your potential decision makers and it needs to be. You are leading, developing, defining and delivering on a sales relationship and that requires capabilities that make it easy, enjoyable and valuable for your buyer to engage with you.

Your role is not a sales person so much as a subject matter expert who has unique knowledge, experience that is needed by a certain portion of the market. From day one, it is your role to find the market most in need, communicate clear value to that market in such a way that they become equipped to make good decision. You have the opportunity to define your one woman shop the way you need to in order to bring the most amount of leverage for your buyer in helping them make a decision. Leverage plays a substantial role in making a buyer feel confident and comfortable in moving towards a decision and making one.

Course Agenda: How to work with Executive Assistants and explore synergy; What  are expected response times and concerns; How to manage NO responses; How to convert “not interested” into interested prospects.

Presenter – Heather Gamble

Heather’s first private client, a mining consultant, increased her revenue from $300,000 to $1,000,000 in the first year of coaching from Women on the Move. Another client, an Investment Manager went from #46 in her sales group up to the top sales level in 6 months. Our Quebec client won the Montreal Entrepreneurial of the year award for 2016.  Her commitment is to put a million women on the path to prosperity!


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