One of the best ways to build your business is also the oldest – speaking to a room full of potential customers. They get to see what you’re like as a person, whether you have ideas they can use, and whether they’ll like working with you.

If you want to build a program of public speaking to promote your business, your cause or build your own professional profile, this workshop can help. In a lively, interactive two hours, you’ll learn:

  • How to determine your ideal audience member and understand the issues they’re facing
  • Finding speaking venues that will include the people you want to reach
  • Why you need to choose a topic not based on what you want to say, but burning problems your ideal audience member is facing
  • Winning themes and topics for speeches
  • How to find the right person in your target organization and show how your idea meets their needs
  • Why many would-be presenters fail to get the gig (hint: it has to do with how you follow up)

This will be a workshop, not just a talking-head presentation. You’ll be given the time and opportunity to cement the learning through completing a workbook during the event. Participation is encouraged, as it will help you apply the learning to your own situation. By the end, you’ll have the start of an implementation plan for your first (or next) public speaking event.

Workshop leader Carl Friesen has given several well-received presentations and workshops at Women on the Move. The content will be based on Carl’s success in arranging and giving well over 100 presentations, from New York to Orlando, and Reno to Vancouver. He is the author of five books on professional services marketing.


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